The annual Macau Interfaith Prayer Breakfast was held on January 29th at Sofitel Macau. representatives of Christian, Muslim, Daoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan and the Jew attended. There was a special table for Halal and Kosher, aswell as Biblical Themed breakfast. Following breakfast there was discussions regarding Covid  19 and  the effects on worship places. Following that, a zoom talk was given by Jake Sanders of SMOCC who has been working on counter extremism curriculum for university level students in Mindanao and Southern Thailand. Jake is a media and security consultant focusing on extremist groups in Asia, also one of the founders of Macau Interfaith Network. The breakfast  discussion forum went well with 40 attendees and an additional five zoom participants. The breakfast food and presentation was also lovely. Blessings to all who contributed and attended our event. Many thanks and Blessings to World Interfaith Harmony Week!  

Reverend Marcus M.Ramsey

Grand Priory, SMOCC